This Machine Kills Fascists


Sketch (micron pen)


Best Coast | Boyfriend 

The other girl is not like me,
She’s prettier and skinnier,
She has a college degree,
I dropped out when I was seventeen

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Day 1 - The Quite Things That No One Ever Knows (Acoustic)

"I contemplate the day we wed
Your friends are boring me to death
Your veil is ruined in the rain
By then it’s you I can do without
There’s nothing new to talk about
And though our kids are blessed
Their parents let them shoulder all the blame”

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"Kiss Me Like You Mean It" by Rankin

Pauline à la plage, 1983, Eric Rohmer

having a best friend who lives across the country is the stupidest thing on this planet and i need her to be hugging me so bad right now

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